Welcome New Arrowmen!

Now that you are a part of an honor society, as an Arrowman, you can sharpen your leadership skills, work with others to solve problems and brainstorm with others to help make the organization as strong as it can be. The National Order of the Arrow created JumpStart, an online, multi-media resource to help you learn more about the Order of the Arrow.

Getting involved is easy. OA programs provide a variety of innovative leadership opportunities, and fun events not found anywhere else in Scouting.

New Arrowmen should first find out when and where their chapter meets in their district.

The Elangomat

Arrowmen can serve as an Elangomat or “friend” at ordeals, to make new candidates feel welcome. The role of the Elangomat is undoubtedly, the most important role during the Ordeal induction. They have the unique task of inspiring the candidate to live a life of cheerful service. Serving as an Elangomat is a wonderful leadership experience, as well as an opportunity to make new friends.

If you want to inspire the future of the lodge and serve as an Elangomat at one of our upcoming induction weekends please register to attend an upcoming Elangomat Training to begin.

  • The first step to earning the special Elangomat patch is to attend Elangomat training. For a current list of the Elangomat training dates, see the lodge calendar
  • After completing the Elangomat training, the Arrowman will need to serve as an Elangomat at either the Spring or Fall Induction Weekend. At the Ordeal weekend, the Arrowman will serve as an Elangomat for a clan composed of scouts from within his own chapter. The Elangomat receives a special tee-shirt for this service that aids in them standing out among the candidates.
  • After the Ordeal weekend the Elangomat will receive a list of his clan members and their contact information. The Elangomat will then be responsible for encouraging his clan to attend chapter meetings, lodge events, and to complete their Ordeal by obtaining Brotherhood membership.
  • Once the Arrowman has fulfilled all of these requirements they will receive a one-of-a-kind Elangomat pocket-flap. Only one pocket-flap may be awarded per Ordeal of service. To receive two pocket-flaps, an Arrowman must serve as an Elangomat at two Ordeals and both of his clans must obtain 50% Brotherhood conversion.

OA Unit Representatives

As a member of Scouting’s national honor society, your primary responsibility in Scouting is to help your unit. An important way to do this is to become a OA Unit Representative. This position allows youth under age 18 to act as a liaison between the unit and the OA lodge while earning time toward their leadership rank requirements.

An OA Unit Representative must attend his unit and lodge and/or chapter meetings, and act as a communication link between the two. This opportunity allows the OA to better serve the unit, and gives members of the unit an idea of what the OA is doing within the BSA council.

Lodge Committee

Elected youth can also serve the Lodge on one of the Lodge committees and after becoming familiar with the Order of the Arrow program and Talidandaganu’ Lodge #293, the Arrowman can run for lodge leadership positions.

Events in the Lodge

OA is about more than events, and most OA events are not like the Ordeal. Most events are designed with fun and fellowship in mind. Leadership training opportunities and community service projects are also part of the OA. Attending these events is a great way to meet experienced Scouts from other units, promote Scout camping, find help for your Eagle leadership service project, and have fun.