The Ten Inductions Principles

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of the induction is to encourage and inspire each candidate to develop firm individual dedication to the ideals of Brotherhood and cheerful service.
  2. Eligibility
    The right to earn Ordeal and Brotherhood membership is given only by the scouts of a candidate’s home unit during an authorized Order of the Arrow election. Only the elected candidate can overrule their decision.
  3. Candidate’s Compliance
    The candidate has the continuous choice of meeting the tests of the Ordeal to the best of his ability, or of withdrawing.
  4. Member’s Compliance
    All members participating in an induction must respect and comply with the tests of the ordeal to the extent allowed by their specific responsibilities.
  5. Discretion
    In cases where strict application of the test and requirements of the Ordeal is not possible, the lodge may choose an alternative that will best preserve the spirit of the induction, and the quality of the candidate’s experience.
  6. Importance of the Individual
    All actions and procedures must recognize the worth, dignity, and separate identity of each individual, and his present or potential ability to govern himself.
  7. Generosity
    The attitude of members towards the candidate must be one of acceptance, respect, understanding, sincerity, friendly encouragement, support, and trust.
  8. Focus
    Everything in the lodge-created environment must direct the candidate to the central meaning of the induction and not distract from it.
  9. Symbolic Progression
    No symbol or symbolic procedure should be mentioned or used unless and until it is called for in the authorized ceremonies.
  10. Active Membership
    Lodge policy must recognize that one who understands the obligation of the Order and is striving to fulfill it is an active member, and that his dedication in itself accomplishes a major service to the Lodge.

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