Conclave 2012 – It’s the end of the world!

Conclave is only a few more months away and the final preparations are under way! This year, the host lodge is Talidandaganu’ Lodge at the Skymont Scout Reservation. The Conclave promises to be full of new and improved activities that will be a fun time for all. Activities include rifle shooting, training, quest games, American Indian Activities, xBox tournaments, movies, a campfire, and much much more!

What is Conclave? 

Conclave is the annual gathering of all Arrowmen from Section SR-6, which is composed of ten lodges located in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. This annual event brings all of these lodges together for a full weekend of food, fun, and fellowship! Each lodge takes a turn hosting this event, and for the first time in ten years, our lodge will be the host lodge for Conclave, which will take place at Skymont Scout Reservation. All Arrowmen are invited and encouraged to attend!

Conclave will take place the weekend of April 20th-22nd. In order to be ready for the expected 600 Arrowmen and to make this event a success, we need all of our lodge membership to attend! To get Skymont prepared for our guests, in addition to the Spring Ordeal Weekend, there will be two Beaver Days, March 10th and April 14th. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on these two days!

Please urge your fellow Arrowmen to join us in attending these activities! All help is needed! This year there is a theme for the Conclave, it’s being known as “The last conclave” because of the “End of the World” theme in regard to the Mayan calendar ending. Almost all areas of Conclave will incorporate this theme in one way or another. 

Be sure to check it out.

What do I get for coming? 

A special five patch set, which consists of four lodge flaps and a centerpiece patch, will be offered to everyone who attends all four events (two Beaver Days, Spring Ordeal Weekend, and Conclave) and serves as part of the host lodge staff. Please contact us so that we can add you to the list of those Arrowmen that are ready to serve and assist in making Conclave a great experience for all in attendance! The food and service for this year has been promised to be the best ever. The service and hospitality of Talidandaganu’ will make this Conclave stand out from the others. 

To register, go to You will also sign up for your training classes at this point. 

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