Chiefly Words: Conclave 2012

Hello Everyone!

Well it is over. After nearly two years of Preparation, work and projects, Conclave 2012 has come and gone faster then I would have thought possible. We had 620 people attend Skymont Scout Reservation, with around 170 just from Talidandaganu’. Though it is now over, believe me, it will not be forgotten. I have talked with all kinds of different people, from Jim Cheatham, our SR-6 Adviser, to Alex Hill and Matt Brown, both this past years and this next years Section Chief, and they all have said we had no real complaints, from anyone. That is awesome! We had a great Conclave, I could not have asked for better! Great job TALI! We set the bar high, and did some awesome new things that I think will leave a legacy in the Section.


This would not have been even close to possible without all of you to help, I wish I could name everyone who helped Jacob and Myself make this happen. Even though I was the one recognized up front, it is to all of you that the real Thanks should be given. Everyone did their part amazingly and always with an energy that is emerging to define our Lodge. Some other Lodges may be bigger, may have more money, but I think we have the best TEAM as a lodge I have ever seen. I have never once been ashamed of being from 293, but this weekend all of you gave me so much more pride in our lodge. We pulled off one of the best Conclaves in many years, and we just had to be us. Again, I thank you! It has been may great Honor and Privilege to serve with each and everyone of you this weekend, and I hope one day I can do it again, though I doubt I will ever see such a great group of people all gathered together again, all of us trying to make it the best Conclave anyone ever had! I think we just might have done it. We truly are a Brotherhood of Cheerful Service in our Lodge.

It has been my Great Pleasure to serve as your Lodge Chief this year, and I truly look forward to seeing what this great Lodge will do in the future, because if this Conclave was a hint to it, then there is no limits to what may happen!

Please forward this to anyone and everyone who you notice is not already on here, I could not get everyone names in, so please make sure they get it.

Your Chief
In Service,
Joshua M Williams
Talidandaganu’ Lodge Chief

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