What do all the OA Event abbreviations mean?

Event Definitions

Those new to the OA may hear terms that are unfamiliar to them. This page provides definitions for commonly used terms.

  • Banquet – An annual member banquet where people are recognized and awarded.
  • COC – Council of Chiefs – a meeting of section, area, or regional chiefs.
  • Conclave – The section conclave is an annual activity where lodges gather for competitions and fun. The conclave host is rotated each year. If you are new to conclaves, check out this page.
  • Fellowship – Lodge fellowships are generally held twice a year where lodge members gather for fun and competition.
  • LECM – Lodge Executive Committee Meeting – Not really an event, but a monthly lodge leadership meeting.
  • LLD – Lodge Leadership Development – A training program put together by the lodge to train its members on many important topic
  • NOAC – National Order of the Arrow Conference – an event held every two years. These gatherings draw over 7000 Arrowmen, traveling from as far away as Europe and Asia, for five days of training, fun, and fellowship.
  • NLATS – National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar – a weekend conference focusing on the skills and attributes of effective lodge adult advisers.
  • NLS – National Leadership Seminar –  a weekend training program focusing on youth leadership development.
  • Ordeal – The induction ceremony is the first step toward full membership in the Order. Lodge elections are held at the Fall Ordeal.

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