Sign Up for NOAC 2006

Sign Up for NOAC 2006

If you are an Arrowman under 21 years old through Aug. 3, 2006 from our lodge and want to attend NOAC 2006, please sign up.  Contact Dexter Cantelou at the Scout Service Center, or Joe Bell, the Contingent Leader.  Fax a Contingent Registration form to Dexter Cantelou at (423) 899-4555.

Held every two years, NOAC brings Arrowmen together from across the nation to experience brotherhood and the best of what the Order of the Arrow has to offer in an unforgettable six-day event.  The NOAC 2006 web site has information for Arrowmenparents and others.  The theme for NOAC 2006 is “The Legend Lives On.”

The ratio of youth to adults in a lodge contingent for NOAC 2006 is set at 1-to-1.   Talidandaganu’ has ten (10) youth and eight (8) adults are signed up, and every lodge member is welcome.  

Talidandaganu’ has various fundraising activities planned so that youth can attend NOAC 2006 at very low cost.  Adults in the contingent will pay about $500 each to attend NOAC 2006, but the expected cost for youth from our lodge is only $150.

Videos on NOAC 2006

The action packed week at NOAC has to be seen to be believed.  Right now, these videos are the best we can do to show you what NOAC is about.  Join our lodge contingent to NOAC and you can experience it in person!

NOAC 2006 Promotional Videos

A Day at NOAC (10.5 MB Flash Video – High Quality)

A Day at NOAC (3.7 MB Flash Video – Low Quality)

Prepare for NOAC 2006

Many who are signed up for NOAC can’t wait, and want to get ready.  Information on various events and competitions will be available in May, but you can look at the information from NOAC 2004 right now!

NOAC 2006 Information for Arrowmen

OA National Bulletin – check latest issue

NOAC 2006 Training Classes

NOAC 2006 Contingent Paperwork  

NOAC 2006 Lodge Spirit Award 

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